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Chinese Sign Ox

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The Ox In The Current Year Of The Earth-Pig

After a year in which reliability reigned above all, now a time of consolidation and enjoying safe ground begins for the Ox. In the next twelve months, it will hardly be a question of chasing a golden calf, but rather of being content with what it possesses. The Earth Pig helps to keep a clear head even in difficult situations. He also protects the Ox from squinting too much at the neighbours' plates. Anyway, there should be little reason to envy the competition for success. After all, the Ox gets a good slice of the pie this year.

This year is not necessarily a year of innovation for the Ox. With his calm and prudent charisma, he can still improve his professional and social status. For this he doesn't have to adjust himself in the next few months, but do his work, just as reliably as usual and without much frills. On the financial front, things will always develop positively if the Ox comes up with patience not trying to force a result.

Love and family are under a good star in the year of the Earth Pig. Thus, the personal relations of the Ox can now develop in a way that promises long-term happiness, especially as the new regent puts his focus more on the emotional level

Perhaps a good time has now come to commit permanently or to settle in a new place. In any case, in the coming months the Ox should plan enough time for beautiful hours with his loved ones and make sure that nothing comes in-between at these dates. In the months ahead, the Ox should beware of trying to resolve smouldering conflicts vehemently. He better cultivates his inner satisfaction!

The Ox In General

The Ox Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Ox

Yin Earth

In China the Ox is a symbol for calmness and steadfastness. He embodies the Yin-Symbol - the passive, receiving principle. A year of the Ox brings strength and inner progress in the personal evolvement. The lucky number for the Ox is 2; his colour is red.

Positive Traits
wise, proficient, diligent, eloquent, tenacious, assiduous, composed, of integrity, solid, devoted, moral, patriotic, loyal, methodical, stable, proud, tender, reserved, helpful and balanced

Negative Traits
stubborn, authoritarian, slow, distrustful, asocial, obstinate, chauvinistic, demanding, foolhardy, go-getting, uncompromising, obessive, inflexible, vengeful, bad loser, strict, intolerant, conservative, fanatical and tyrannic

People like to turn to people who were born in a year of the Ox if they seek good advice. This is not because they would always be good advisors but rests in the calm and relaxed charisma of the Ox. Some good advisor qualities he indeed has: He is a very well listener who takes his time and is able to deal with other people patiently.

Patience is maybe the most important virtue of the Ox-Born which brings his best side out and which he should absolutely cultivate. In our hectic times patience is especially valuable. With patience you get quicker to your goal than with eagerness it is said in China. And often this proverb seems to be true because who does not possess patience makes faults easily which slow you more down as if you had taken more time from the beginning.

While the patience of the Ox is admired, he himself does feel that from time to time it turns into an outsized tolerance towards him; this means that the Ox-Born sometimes loses the goal he patiently has been working for and his patience simply has turned into lethargy. Thus the great virtue of the Ox becomes his biggest danger.

If calmness turns to lethargy it also has an impact on the Ox' other qualities. He himself notices very well that he is lethargic and would love to do something against if but the nature of lethargy suppresses the active acting. It is a devils circle: The lethargic wants to do something against it but it is actually standing in his way. The way out of this circle the Ox finds when he concentrates onto his main virtue - the patience - and slowly but surely without overdoing it goes step by step and it should be very small steps.

Patience is not the only virtue of the Ox-Born. They moreover possess bravery which has nothing to do with foolhardiness. He is not really a person throwing himself into adventure - on the contrary: People born under the sign of the Ox mostly strive for security but not out of being afraid. The Ox shows bravery if he, his family or his friends are threatened. Even then he does not storm towards the danger but uses his powerful calmness. Once it gets that far so the Ox has to prove his bravery it is better to have him as a friend.

People born in the year of the Ox are basically rather conventional, which does not mean that they are pedantic. They rather calculate between new and old values and recognize that not everything old is wrong. Stability and order are important to the Ox-Born. Sometimes some of actual positive characteristics turn so that stability becomes stubbornness and not thought over binding to conventions. Especially with age the stability of the Ox turns quite often to stubbornness. Then he often persists that the old-fashioned ways are the best no matter what.

Once Ox-Born want something and follow it with their own forcefulness other people have difficulties standing against it. Therefore it is important for the Ox to see that he stands in his own way if he does not use this power with thoughtfulness and if he does not let other people's ideas near him. This manner depends partly on a certain pessimism to which Ox-Born tend. It is not a truly deep all destroying pessimism but there is a pessimistic tendency in which they can lose themselves sometimes. Some people are amazed that the Ox can be quite inventive despite his calmness and stability. It is just because of his patience that he becomes inventive and many-sided. He needs some time to come up with ideas but then they are really well thought over.

Summarizing you can say that people born in the year of the Ox have some really good qualities bringing them along on the way if they take care of not falling for lethargy and pessimism.

Ox With The Element Wood

This ox possesses team spirit and is much less wilful as his sign-comrades. He is honest, robust, and sociable, close to nature, sports and physical work.

He is open to new ideas, persevering and exceptionally fiery when in love. However, he tries to dominate his partner or long-time companion.

Wood is considered the element of straightforwardness, firmness and consequence in China. However, often the Wood-Ox possesses the flexibility of young trees.

Smoothly the Wood-Ox adapts to all requirements without losing his straightforwardness. With all of the adaptability, he possesses a firm trunk and is deeply rooted in the earth. It is crucial for a Wood-Ox not to lose his roots.

The Wood-Ox tends to think conservatively. He is aware of the tradition and maintains tested values. His opinions the Wood-Ox voices with diplomatic skill, since he is quite dependent on the benevolence of other people and thus, avoids harsh confrontations.

Ox With The Element Fire

This ox is resolute, stubborn and even proud. Being a materialistic, dynamic, ardent and direct person, he hates laziness.

He is a terrifying opponent and a generous friend. He is sincere, responsible and very close to the morals and the principles. Loyal as he is, he would never abuse his strength and use his qualities to the utmost. He is the man (the woman) for impossible tasks.

The Fire-Ox is a person of action striving for power and influence. He possesses the perfect self-restraint of the Ox, which makes it possible for him to keep his fiery temper under control. However, caution is required if the Fire-Ox gets out of control.

When you do not aggravate him, the Fire-Ox is basically a fair human being, who attempts for the best possible objectivity towards others.

The Fire-Ox is a pronounced family-person. At the homely hearth, he develops the warming blaze of his fire around which other family members like to gather.

The Ox With The Element Earth

A constant, loyal, perfectionist, scrupulous, possessive and especially possessed ox. As a dominant person, this ox has a need for power and an iron will.

He is furthermore incorrectly modest, who values honour, wealth, security and material success. He is a sure friend, whom will never lack loyalty.

The Earth-Ox possesses a pronounced sense of the duration and return of all things. Patiently he plants and harvest them according to the year rhythms.

Never, he would break out of this sequence's regularity. The nature of the Earth-Ox is marked by great creativity.

To create something new is not predestined in the Earth-Ox nature. Instead, he is faithful and cherishes accepted values such as his marriage, a thoroughly structured togetherness with the family, his profession.

Stronger than other oxen, the Earth-Ox is dependent on safety, something he works endlessly on with his diligence.

The Ox With The Element Metal

It is not always easy to get along with him. Indeed, this ox is selective, possessed from time to time, dogmatically and sometimes distrustful. He does not know the sense of the word compromise. He is a real steamroller and can be very unforgiving. However, this ox is faithful, even loving, reliable and very loyal towards his people.

A Metal-Ox does know very well, what he wants. He is his own master, unrelenting in his decisions and always strives for accomplishing what he has intended to do. From all of the Ox-born, he is the one showing the Ox characteristics the clearest.

Yet, the Metal-Ox can be receptive to finer nuances. Oxen of this element are often quite cordial, who react responsibly and with great compassion for the sorrows of others. It is hard for the Metal-Ox to be alone. He needs people surrounding him. Especially when he has suffered failure, the Metal-Ox needs the warming sympathy of his friends or his partner.

Failure is the worst what a Metal-Ox can experience. He will do everything to avoid it.

The Ox With The Element Water

The Water-Ox loves nature passionately; he is the born ecologist, a patient, realistic and practically assessed personality, who has a sharp sense of the real values.

Methodically, decided and persevering, he extremely rarely yields. This ox is sensitive, meek, loyal and industrious and can respond brutally if he feels himself betrayed or deceive.

Like the water, this ox can be characterised by different, extremely gaping features. He is unrelenting in his ambition and blows up any obstacle with his power. On the other hand, the Water-Ox is patient and very flexible.

Nonetheless, the Water Ox possesses firm moral values, which channel their energy like shore facilities. More than any other ox, he sticks to the regularities that define all things of life.

With his calm nature, the Water-Ox never has difficulties to collaborate with others. He only gets restless when the appropriate acknowledgement is amiss and he does not get enough attention.

Chinese Sign Ox - Love & Emotion

The people born under the sign of the Ox are hedonists. He likes to get spoiled and loves the quiet togetherness. In general he is not a fiery lover - so it seems at the first glance. The Ox-Born has a sense of romance, they have deep feelings whereas they seek for the big love of their life using their trademark patience, but sometimes with so much patience that they grow old. The Ox-Born most often marries very late.

Although the Ox has a brave heart, he loses it in all things dealing with love. The only true fear he knows is the fear of loneliness. Like all fears, this is rather obstructive.

Sometimes it leads to binding an Ox to a person not matching his need for romantic love, quiet and sincere friendship. Especially when Oxen grow older and have waited patiently for the true love they sometimes panic and marry entirely contrary to their being rashly and suddenly.

This is a mistake an Ox-Born has not to make because it will not make him happy and his binding to conventions makes a separation difficult for him. But the fear of loneliness can also create the exact opposite - it could lead to a fear of having a relationship at all.

Only if you do not enter a relationship, you do not make the experience of being lonely. Of course, this is a misconception. If the Ox tries to get over his fear of loneliness, the outlook for finding a dream partner after a patient search is quite good.

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