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Chinese Sign Pig

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The Pig: Calmer Waters - until 2022 Feb 4th Year of the Metal Ox

Metal-Ox advice for the Pig
Quietly focus more on your own interests. With the Ox on the side, you can now assert yourself better and keep on rolling.

Those who have used their reserves wisely over the past twelve months are likely to have weathered the stormier times. At the start of the new twelve-year cycle, changes were to be expected, which resourceful Pig-people could use as an opportunity for a completely new beginning.

Even those who could not derive immediate personal benefit from the exceptional situation of the past year had at least the opportunity to analyse their own situation thoroughly and to come to rest more internally.

The limited freedom of movement in the past year has certainly often prevented sociable get-togethers so much loved by the Pig. Nevertheless, it was possible to make interesting acquaintances through other channels.

Whether lasting relationships can now develop from this will become clear over time. In any case, the Pig will be much better supported in its quest for greater solidarity at all levels.

With the appearance of the Metal Ox, favourable times begin for the Pig. In this way, deficits of recent years can mainly be compensated for at an emotional level.

Perhaps there will be a growing feeling that too little has been made from the own ambitions. Under the protection of the prudent Ox, such plans can now be revived, and the position of the Pig can be significantly improved, especially at the professional level.

As so often in life, the key to satisfaction for the Pig lies in his own home. Those who now spend time and love to make their home more practical and beautiful can look forward to harmonious hours with their loved ones. Within this in mind, more trust, tenderness and warmth can flourish in the partnership.

The Pig In General

The Pig Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Pig

Yin Water

In China the Pig is a symbol for truth and wealth. The Yin-Energy dominates - the passive, receiving principle. A year of the Pig brings lost knowledge to light. The lucky number for the Pig is 4; his colour is bright red.

Positive Traits
honest, good-hearted, merciful, peaceful, friendly, helpful, melancholic, courteous, truthful, cultured, sensuous, generous, tolerant and devoted.

Positive Traits
stubborn, quarrelsome, helpless, insecure, deceivable, wasteful, spiteful and gossipy.

The most prominent character trait of the Pig-Born is his going a straight path. He tackles his goal without detour directly. The ways of deception, the intrigue and the going behind is not the path of the people born under the sign of the Pig. He generally deals with others in an absolute open and honest way. This is quite pleasant and does not lead to misunderstandings. Pigs say clearly what they want and answer questions without mistrust. It is not their way to hide anything from others.

Sometimes this quality can become a problem; for example if the Pig should keep a secret. It is not easy to him and gives him an unpleasant feeling. Not because he is gossipy - as long as he thinks of having to keep a secret he will not tell anything - but if he gets distracted you quickly are able to distract it. Pigs would never consciously give away private information. They are way too decent. But if you engage a Pig into a light conversation you can get almost anything out of a Pig-Born.

Pigs have a problem to deceive others or even not to tell the full truth. All this comes from a deeply rooted wish for truth going hand in hand with a deep feeling for justice.

These qualities make it easier for the Pig to evolve emotionally. Here he also does not take a detour. Sadly it does not mean that he does not go the wrong path which always happens if he turns away from the search for truth and believes to know the truth already.

Yet, it is not so easy with the truth - who really does know it? People born in the year of the Pig should take care of making their imagination absolute as a truth. Certain doubt - also on oneself - is valid in most cases. Actually Pigs do not have a problem with that if they see flaws or mistakes in themselves but try to counteract them.

Of course Pigs seek truth even in self knowledge. Sometimes their directness gets in the way. And sometimes the self has to be tricked to being able to recognize oneself and that is something the Pig has a problem with.

A very loveable quality of the Pig is his cheeriness; being with a Pig means feeling very secure and well. You do not have to fear deception and his humour as well as his cheeriness is the virtue of the wise. Who strives doggedly for truth and knowledge will never reach the goal. The wise goes his way naturally without intention and exertion. Things happen with cheeriness and calmness. The Pig has the ability to become wise.

What many people dislike at the Pig is that they have a problem to be orderly. This is quite obvious in the daily life. Piles of papers accumulate on the desk, the drawer has everything in chaos and you meet only rarely a Pig wearing a right pair of socks. This all troubles of course the pedantic. It only then becomes really problematic if the Pig has to do a task at which certain order is necessary. If they try to force themselves it is only harder and they do not feel well because an artificial order is contrary to their straightforwardness. To be orderly is some kind of deception to them.

The accusation that the Pig's mess is harmful is only valid in a very few cases. Even if he cannot keep the order the Pig treats things in a careful and fondly way as he does with people. You could name the chaos of the Pig-Born a creative chaos from which most often surprising new ideas and thoughts arise.

The Pig With The Element Wood

This Wood-Pig is very affable, loves extensive meals, and is generous and extremely tolerant. Furthermore, this pig-individual is credulous and somewhat distrustful by the disappointments life has inflicted on him.

He generally loves games and sometimes also gambling, more because of the enjoyment than for profit. Since he is favoured by the luck, it could be very lucratively for him.

Generally, the Wood-Pig hardly has financial problems. As people addicted to the enjoyment, it could be seduced by things judging moral.

The Wood-Pig is some kind of grand marshal, a character never losing the sense of decency and good manners. Skilfully he moves on every level and always maintains the form, the etiquette. In the process, the Wood-Pig is entirely spontaneous and lovable.

The Wood-Pig possesses a lot of skill when dealing with other people and proves to be an excellent organiser. Negatively seen, the gift of manipulation is not a foreign term to the Wood-Pig. Extremely good-hearted he is nonetheless, a fact that oozes trustworthiness on his fellow men.

The Wood-Pig has the ability to organise his life clearly and neatly. If he meets people he really appreciates, the Wood-Pig will always give his best.

The Pig With The Element Fire

Despite his realism, this intrepid pig can be interested in the craziest adventures. The Fire-Pig indeed often is torn between his sharpness of mind and his courage. Mostly however the latter wins, even if the Fire-Pig has underestimated by far the difficulties of the undertaking.

This individual is generous, affable, energetic and very self-conscious. If he isn't careful, he could easily fall into a lack of restraint.

Courageous and emotional the Fire-Pig enters the scene. When he tackles something, he trusts in his abilities and a bit of luck. That the Fire-Pig seems to have it all the time, he takes for granted.

The Fire-Pig just assumes to be successful and the reality proves him right. Especially after defeat, this positive trait comes out. The Fire-Pig gets up with unbroken optimism and starts all over again. He does not know to be in doldrums.

Additionally, the Fire-Pig is intensely sensual because, like all pigs, he definitely knows how to enjoy pleasure.

The Pig With The Element Earth

The Earth-Pig is ambitious, but realistic and very careful before he can admit to a project or adventure. This attitude is often taken for indecision, but that is wrong.

As soon as the Earth -Pig has attained security, meaning he has accurately calculated the risks he is willing to accept he is ready to start with the utmost possession and endurance.

His weakness for extensive meals has, however, a bad effect on his waistline. Besides his passion for the art of cooking, he loves the family life, his friends and everything, which is part of his joy of life.

The Earth -Pig is marked by a high degree of patience with which he pursues his goals. He acts wisely and reasonably and often shows a strength and endurance, which is rather unusual for a pig.

The Earth -Pig's enthusiasm, his zeal and his desire to advance with the own will is proverbial. So is the Earth -Pig's extraordinary helpfulness.

The Pig With The Element Metal

The Metal-Pig is more affable, discrete and less naive than his sign brothers. He is active, persistent and sometimes moody, which does not last, and he is adventuresome. Like all pigs, the Metal-Pig is an idealist. When he appreciates or loves somebody, he is willing to overlook all faults.

As a very helpful human being, the Metal-Pig puts the general welfare before his own interests. The latter also indicates that he is not a very combative person. The Metal-Pig is, however, favoured by luck and achieves easier than others unexpected success.

The Metal-Pig possesses a proud and passionate nature. He is a person always attempting to subdue his strong, emotional tension before others. His feelings, he keeps locked away, most of the time, which makes him even the more attractive. People just feel the strong tension under the Metal-Pig's surface from which he is driven.

On the negative side, this behaviour can lead to some kind of overstimulation and thus, to the tendency not to only rule over himself but over others as well. The Metal-Pig is a strong and more individual human being, who is ambitious and proud but at the same time amiable and endearing.

The Pig With The Element Water

There is no other being more diplomatic, tender, lovingly and sensitive person than this pig human being. The Water-Pig is always accommodatingly polite and he does not lack the Savoir-Vivre. He is rather reserved than shy. The Water-Pig's good-naturedness, as well as his sense of family and his helpfulness towards friends, are exemplary indeed.

To tell the truth, the Water-Pig has nearly no faults. He is an extreme gourmand and of a passionate nature. In the worst case, his sensuality could break him.

The water provides the pig with the talent to deal with other people. He is nearly predestined to move on diplomatic terrain and to lead difficult negotiations. With an extraordinary flexibility, the Water-Pig knows how to walk everywhere.

The shadow side of this character is hedonism. But when the Water-Pig learns to check himself, to break his excesses and to really get disciplined, he will have no problems to master his life. Interwoven with a net of close, social relationships, popular with the people and full of drive, the Water-Pig will have a fulfilled life.

Chinese Sign Pig - Love & Emotion

Physical closeness plays a significant role for the people born in the year of the Pig. A platonic love is not their thing. To beat about the bush is not their thing.

They go straight forward without detour. This sounds rather unromantic, but it is not. That the Pig is direct and straightforward does not mean that he only wants the one thing.

It does mean that he shows his feelings openly and can talk freely about deep feelings and the relationship to others (and it does not stay at talking).

Shyness, inhibition, saying no and meaning yes are foreign to the Pig-Born. When he says yes he means it and when he realises he likes someone it is a firm decision without doubt.

Pigs unconsciously think others behave in the very same way. That is why you will not find a vamp, seducer or Casanova in him. If a potential partner does not show interest everything is clear, isn't it.

Sometimes it seems to look from the outside as if the Pig gives in too quickly but that is not the case. They do not give in they only believe to recognize that the other has no interest - why would you then force someone? They do not realize that sometimes the game of seduction is zestful for others.

People born under the sign of the Pig are rather faithful partners although also seek the sexuality. A relationship in which this only plays a side role is not acceptable to them.

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