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Chinese Sign Rat

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Rat: Results Are Mandatory - until 2022 Feb 4th Year of the Metal Ox

Metal-Ox advice for the Rat
Concentrate on the here and now! Instead of dreaming of future successes, focus on current opportunities!

There was no shortage of ideas for the Rat the past year. However, it was not easy for her to put those into reality as she had wanted. Mounting obstacles has had a negative effect on her vigour.

On the other hand, the Rat is not an animal sign moping for long if things do not go as she had imagined. If a project cannot be implemented, she is the Chinese zodiac sign always having a Plan B ready to go.

And it is exactly those alternative, the Rat can now use. The Ox supports her mostly this year to implement her plans. If the Rat is courageous and tackles the arising opportunities valiantly, the Ox takes care of equalizing past losses.

When it comes to love, the Rat should be prepared for surprises. This is valid for existing relationships as well as for new loves. Both can thrive particularly in an environment that offers safety and mutual trust.

If the Rat is willing to work on her relationship seriously and continuously, the consistent Ox will reward her for sure.

Regarding the career, the Rat will always thrive this year when she does not make hasty decisions and be more thorough in her actions.

Diligent preparation is here the key to success which mostly shows in projects, the Rat has been putting much time and effort in for quite some time.

The financial situation too can clearly ease if the Rat keeps an eye on all parameters and does not get distracted by sideshows.

The Rat In General

The Rat Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Rat

Yang Water

In China the Rat is a symbol for wisdom. The Yang-Energy is predominant - the active male principle. A year of the Rat brings power and progress in the knowledge. The lucky number for the Rat is 5; her colour is blue.

Positive Traits
ambitious, funny, thinks logically, energetic, charming, selectively, sharp minded, convincing, economical, monogamous, intelectual, compassionate, good strategist, sentimental, persisting, sociable, seductive, independent, creative, faithful

Negative Traits
repressive, destruktive, hyper sensitive, tricky, manipulating, intrigant, jealous, critical, greedy, nervous, insatiable, egoistic, mistrusting, hidebound, profit seeking, possessiv, avaricious, restless, wasteful

People who are born in a year of the rat seek perfection in all things; this is what marks the wise. Everything the wise does is done by the heart; this is the way rats carry out their good disposition. If they find their way they show great endurance and a determined strength.

The search for perfection also can end up in an obsessive striving for perfection. Then the energy is put into superficial and unimportant tasks and lead away from the path. Often it is easier to make something unimportant perfect than to take on the things that are important. This is only a try to abstract which needs to be looked through: The rat has to take care to engage in a task without thinking over the rightness and importance. Thus it is quite helpful as a first step to think about the own acting.

Rats are in general incorruptible. They do not see a sense to leave their path to gain advantages that have nothing to do with the way. In general this is positive but sometimes the incorruptibility is only a pretext for stubbornness.

Rats tend to overwork because they do not respect their limits. They are ambitious, want the success and sometimes go ways without taking care of themselves. To a certain degree it makes sense and belongs to the way of the rat. She does not put herself into the centre point but the things she stands for.

The ability to assert oneself of rats lies in their ability to convince other people. Her striving for perfection can be a model for others; moreover people who were born in a year of the rat are mostly amiable and can deal with other people very well.

The amiability and politeness of the rat are very delightful characteristics - as long as they do not turn into flattery. This would be then negative because the rat-born always keeps a certain inner distance and you would not believe her flattering you: The ones who are halfway sensitive looks through a rat if she does not act according to her characteristics.

Rats often get noticed for their good taste. They try everything to do in an elegant manner. This, of course, comes from striving for perfection. If something is practically perfect but only lacks beauty and elegance it is not perfect for the rat. If she follows her inner being it is a great trait: All things are refined and get certain elegance. One danger lies in this if it should turn the wrong direction: especially then if the sense of beauty and elegance is only oriented towards appearances. Of course it is not wrong to furnish the house beautifully, to buy tasteful clothes or to eat at noble restaurants. All of that is okay if it is not put as an absolute. But if all energy is only put into configuring the appearance there is not more energy left for the inner beauty.

The combination striving for perfection with the sense of beauty makes the people born under the sign of the rat often extremely expressive. They most often do not notice this; the expression is seen by others. Additionally the rat is quite inventive. Without this trait she would not be able to go her way consequently. Sometimes the inventiveness hinders the personal evolvement: The rat does not lack of excuses when trying to dodge a difficult task.

It is important for the rat to think about her own way. If it is clear she mostly does not have any difficulties to walk it.

Rat With The Element Wood

The Wood-Rat takes the time to live and is clearly less materialistic and acquisitive than her other sign brothers. Often, she is creative and possesses a brilliant imagination. This Rat is very friendly and success-oriented.

However, the Wood-Rat is also highly sensitive. To say it more precisely, she is slightly fearful and expects continuous signs of affection in all matters of the heart, even if she does not say so.

The Wood-Rat is indeed a successful doer, who, most of all, puts value in order and systematics. Fried fuses and burst water pipes are no problems to her. To the contrary, she instantly knows where the fault may be and does not hesitate to take matters into the own hands.

In such matters, the Wood-Rat is unbeatable, especially since she researches the causes of a damage thoroughly. This Rat only becomes helpless when she cannot find an explanation for something. Her sophisticated system of the order gets to sway and with that also her poise.

The Wood-Rat acts entirely confidently, is a versed talker and nearly never at a loss for an answer.

Rat With The Element Fire

The Fire-Rat is an enthusiast, idealist, a creative person full of energy, independent, but not always very diplomatic. Even if she is in a constant hurry, she is very efficient and does not like any improvisations.

She is rigorously ruled by the feeling that she cannot trust her own judgment. The Fire-Rat appears dynamical, gallant and is always open for new things. Her natural and open nature makes her surrounded by a gigantic circle of friends.

The Fire-Rat loves sociability and is extremely generous with her affection. When she loves somebody, she can even become wolfish.

Diplomacy and tact are, however, not one of the Fire-Rat's strengths. She always directly says what is happening inside her and, thus, can sometimes drop an enormous brick. This Rat is a fiery idealist and stands by her opinions with big vitality. Sometimes she does not give a damn about what others are thinking of her.

In his actions, the Fire-Rat is guided more by her heart than by her mind. Discipline, she must painstakingly learn during her life.

The Rat With The Element Earth

The Earth-Rat rarely invests in unprofitable or risky undertakings. She loves the order, discipline and safety. Professionally very realistic, the Earth-Rat acts cautiously and does not get lead astray. She does care very much about her image, loves the worldly enjoyments and is quite sentimental in the matters of the heart.

This Rat possesses a down-to-earth nature and realises her life plan with great care and discipline. She feels stronger connected to reality than rats with other elements.

Courageous and ambitiously the Earth-Rat attempts to satisfy her high, material demands and to climb the career ladder at the same time. Especially under time pressure, the Earth-Rat can react moodily and shows her less sympathetic sides.

However, in general, the Earth-Rat is a friendly and caring character putting a lot of effort in providing a feeling of safety and stability to the family.

The Rat With The Element Metal

People born under the Metal-Rat are prudent human beings, who are analytical talented, efficient and creative. At the same time, this rat is incredibly imaginative and dreamy. She has an enormous need for affection but is not obsessed with it. Completely independent is the Metal-Rat, a charming friend, a fast liver and a sensual person, who does nearly know no inhibition or taboos.

With his emotionality, the Metal-Rat reacts most of the time quite impulsively and loves to show herself with her cheerful and charming side. The negative feelings, this rat hides. Metal-Rats are extremely ambitious and always aim high. She can work obsessively to satisfy her high demands.

She does not care about her opinions being extremely emotionally coloured. Especially since the Metal-Rat possesses a loving and impulsive manner to stand by them. That is why others accept the fact that she always wants to be right.

The Rat With The Element Water

The Water-Rat is a seductive personality, equipped with a moderate dose of ambition. Sociable, always a little soft, she commands her passions and instincts. Taking only calculated risks is the Water-Rat's favourite-sport, whereas she can totally rely on her good intuition.

The Water-Rat has high intellectual demands towards herself and her beloved ones. She loves the pure game of thoughts and possesses an incredible ability to abstract. Emotionally, too, this Rat has a lot to offer.

With her empathy and her fine-tuned intuition, the Water-Rat understands excellently to attune to her fellow men. However, she also tends to extreme rejection when she does not like somebody. The Water-Rat also expresses her aversion without any qualms.

The tackling of difficult, emotional conflicts is, however, not her strength. Intuition and a high degree of intellect, combined with the ability to verbally express, distinguish the Water-Rat from most other people.

Chinese Sign Rat - Love & Emotion

The search for perfection also influences the love relationships of rat-borns. Therefore they often have problems in this area; especially when they are young. The perfection a rat strives for is an illusion. What human being is perfect?

The rat often makes claims to her partner she cannot fulfil. Of course, she is quite inventive. She wants perfection in those areas she is perfect or at least good in. Some shortage in other fields is then overlooked.

Especially with young rats it is not rare to have fits of rage and jealousy. That is a behaviour she would never show outside of a love relationship. In general, the rat, mostly if she is older, is very controlled and regulated.

She does not like to show emotion - from an inner, rarely conscious fear to get hurt. Intelligent rats do know exactly that the perfection they seek in a partner is not accomplishable: Durableness and alternation are in constant conflict.

If the rat does not realise this and searches for means to show her feelings, feelings are stowed which weakens her positive energies.

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