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Chinese Sign Rooster

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The Rooster In The Current Year Of The Metal-Rat

At A first glance, the rooster and the rat may not have much in common. Nevertheless, these two can support each other on many levels. The prerequisite for this, however, is that both keep a healthy distance from each other and does not get in each other's way.

If the last year was primarily about fulfilling duties and doing the tasks that had been left behind, the arrival of the new regent will now come with much fresher and more innovative air. This should please most roosters, because he is known for getting excited about new trends and interesting ideas. Thus, it won't be a boring year for the rooster.

With the rat as the new ruler, there should be more than enough exciting new tasks for the rooster. To choose the best options, it is important to keep the eyes open and focus on the projects that suit him.

In particular, the opportunities that are now emerging on the professional level seem to be quite promising at first sight. The rooster should not forget, however, that the rat's activities are more focused on short-term results. Therefore, it is not advisable to rely too much on such options now.

In personal relationships, the rooster does well to continue to rely on mutual understanding and harmony. Mutual exchange and absolute honesty remain important in the togetherness. The new ruler has sometimes a tendency to keep his thoughts to himself and to make promises a little too lightly at times. In the coming months, the rooster should definitely not get involved in such games and stand firm to his word.

Dear owner of the rooster sign; don't rely on being supported. The best way to move forward is to rely on your own skills.

The Rooster In General

The Rooster Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Rooster

Yin Metal

In China the Rooster is a symbol for luck. The Yin-Energy is dominant - the passive, receiving principle. A year of the Rooster brings good harvest and success in business. The lucky number for the Rooster is 5, his colour is light green.

Positive Traits
open, loyal, enthusiastic, brilliant, solid, proud, brave, inventive, proficient, tender, perfectionistic, passionate, fearless, honest, individualistic, elegant, solemn, warm-hearted, faithful and precise.

Negative Traits
superficial, labile, insolent, boastful, absent-minded, manic, child-like, ostentatious, without advance thought, wasteful, vainglorious , obstinate, bitter, vain, restless, self loving, unstable, jealous and bad-tempered.

With the sign of the Rooster there is a tremendous difference between the sexes: While you can find extremely strong female Rooster often the males show a certain eccentricity. Roosters carry - no matter what gender - great energy within themselves with which they get things started and move the world. While the female Rooster uses her energy in a rather discreet way the males usually use big gestures.

Especially men born in the year of the Rooster often aspire with all might the big. They are not easily satisfied and constantly wish to reach more - often more than it does good. In a certain way this is positive because the inner drive to reach more leads to their development not getting stuck. But to have the higher goal constantly in front of the eyes can become quite laborious - especially for the fellow man. Roosters often enter a dream world in which many things they want they already have achieved. The fellowman is then stunned to hear from their great actions but mostly they are found out and seen as an arrogant boaster.

If they enter their fantasy world too much it is to their disadvantage. They lose their positive initiative because in their head they have actually reached everything.

It can be different also with the Rooster and this is proven by the females of this sign. They also have the urge to reach the higher but not to produce themselves like the men. They too realize their goals in a dream world but they do not tell others but simply enjoy the imagination to have reached something. The consequences do go the same direction by losing a bit of the positive drive but they are not as serious as with the male Roosters.

It is the good quality the Rooster possesses that let reach him higher goals. First they do not lack self-confidence. If you do not trust yourself it is rather difficult to reach anything. Especially if you want to motivate other people you need self-confidence. Others will have a hard time to trust if you do not trust yourself. Roosters do not know this problem. However, their self-confidence is partially over the top.

Sometimes the character of the outer Rooster shows in vanity. They like to stand in front of the mirror, polish their appearance and appreciate nice clothes whereas they do not follow fashion so much but rather set trends themselves.

Roosters have many edges which show quite quickly when interacting with other people. The feelings of others towards them tend noticeably towards two clear directions: Either the Rooster is loved or it is hated. In general the Rooster contributes much to having other people's feelings polarized in that way. He is quite tactless. He himself is not sensitive if criticized so he expects it from others as well. The desire to criticize is strong and mostly it hits the nail on the head because the Rooster has the ability to analyse situations, people and character quite well. If Roosts hold up the mirror it can be too much for others.

Yet people born in the year of the Rooster have more friends than foes; first they are quite amusing and funny which helps over an embarrassing moment and second Roosters are able to criticize themselves. Thus others do not take too much offence when they are criticised.

If Roosters use their power to work on the points they have self-critically noticed and if they try to bring more warmth into interpersonal relationships instead of negative critic it will be a lot easier to them to reach their goals.

The Rooster With The Element Wood

The Wood-Rooster is reputable, companionable, idealistic, energetic and spontaneous. Often, he is tolerant and sometimes tends to make the simplest things complicated. He is quite responsible-minded and always pursues the best intentions.

However, he undergoes highs and lows, falls prey to temper tantrums and is impatient. With his persistence and his open nature, the wood-rooster is capable of achieving great performances.

This friendly and considerate rooster is born in the phase of wood, which makes his life attitude marked by generosity and sovereignty. He is very open to new trends and flows and bravely contributes to innovative establishments.

The Wood-Rooster possesses a strong desire for emotional safety within a group. He is open-minded, fair, sociable, and always ready to accept the new and to hone his perception.

The Rooster With The Element Fire

With his energy, motivation and enthusiasm this leader of people possesses the best prerequisites to be successful. He is lively, quick-tempered, authoritative, inflexible and a bad loser.

The Fire-Rooster is devoted, generous and can stand neither sly people nor exposure. As a charismatic leader of people and by ambition possessed human being, the wood-rooster is also a bon viveur.

The fire makes the rooster an energetic and imposing master. He also has his principles, firm norms, which make him a person of leadership.

However, the Fire-Rooster could stand by his views somewhat fanatically if somebody attempts to contradict him attacking the dogma of his convictions. Then, he does not know any mercy whereas it absolutely does not matter when the feelings of others get hurt.

In this regard, the sensitivity of the Fire-Rooster leaves a lot to be desired. Once the Fire-Rooster is passionately engaged, he does not hear and see anything else around him.

The Rooster With The Element Earth

This rooster is sensitive, cordial and loves to work in a team. In research, he can also work alone. He is diligent and extremely fussy, even manic. The Earth-Rooster does not dodge responsibility, but he must constantly be motivated and encouraged.

Once the Earth-Rooster feels safe, he throws himself at work after he has planned it thoroughly. There is something of a moral preacher in the Earth-Rooster. When it comes to love, he does not feel comfortable in his skin.

As a knowledge-thirsty, analytical researcher the Earth-Rooster walks through life. Every trivia tempts him, so he is always occupied with a problem or a new experience. Thereby, the Earth-Rooster is accurate, obligatory and extremely efficient.

The impact of the element earth makes him assess everything quite realistically. You can trust him with every matter, which his superiors appreciate a lot. Sometimes the Earth-Rooster likes to bear heavy responsibility since it challenges and vitalises him.

However, sometimes the Earth-Rooster likes to missionize. Once he becomes aware of this problem, he can absolutely become an odd nagger. In general, this knowledge-hungry, distinct person whose drive for research does not know any boundaries, is quite popular.

The Rooster With The Element Metal

The Metal-Rooster is a little braggart, but also realistic, hardworking and eager for reform. Indeed, he plans his life very carefully and does not leave anything to coincidence. He can be quite untrusting and he is ambitious.

As a fanatic worker, the Metal-Rooster is a bit reserved when it comes to sentimental matters and quite awkward with the opposite gender.

The Metal-Rooster sees the fulfilment of his life in solving all problems. He develops an unusual, nearly obsessive vitality while solving problems. Solving problems gives him joyous excitement and a boost. The latter almost makes him seem to be passionate.

The Metal-Rooster possesses a sharp wit, a logical tool making him stand out from all other people. However, he does have a problem with accepting other opinions, since his point of view is so crystal clear, so firmly outlined and logic to him.

Yet, the Metal-Rooster possesses a brilliant and winning demeanour. He is hungry for knowledge and he is very optimistic.

The Rooster With The Element Water

Here, we have an imposing, serious, flexible, open, adaptable, exact, intelligent and resolved rooster. In fact, the Water-Rooster is the perfect specimen of the rooster family where the positive qualities exceed the negatives by far.

He, however, is also very touchy. He is not always able to have his moods under control and he often is unforgiving.

The Water-Rooster possesses an astonishing energy and intellectual capacity having no rival. His mind is as clear as a mountain lake and his thoughts are logical.

The Water-Rooster feels extremely well when he can use those mental abilities. He loves to work in the cultural field because there he can pair his intellectual talent with his high empathy.

This rooster is attractive, voluble and at the same time very reasonable. His mind is as keen as a razor and when he does not use it to outsmart others, his popularity, his strong attractiveness and also his career get the go-ahead.

Chinese Sign Rooster - Love & Emotion

Nobody else falls in love at first glance as quickly as a Rooster. It often happens that the chosen partner matches quite well. Roosters have a good intuition in all thins dealing with love.

But until they have found the right person some time could pass - ideal partners are not easily found. This time of waiting the Rooster likes to spend with adventures.

Despite the Roosters' liking to criticise and the partially apparent tactlessness, it is easy for them to gain other peoples' hearts. Roosters are excellent actors (although they may lack the intuition for the profession) and they show their best side once they have met someone. They are excellent hosts and are liked as party guests.

Until a firm relationship, Roosters have to be patient. They are quite demanding partners, not only because of the already mentioned lust to criticise but also because of their unpredictable change of emotions.

It is not easy to predict how a Rooster might act to events - not even for himself. Also, the eccentric acting of the males of this sign can lead to problems in a relationship. Adding to that is the Roosters' jealousy whether it is entitled or not.

All in all, the Rooster would do good not to commit too early but to wait for the right partner. He can then trust his intuition. To reach a harmonic relationship he should work on himself and try to develop a little bit more insight into others.

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