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Chinese Sign Tiger

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The Tiger In The Current Year Of The Metal-Rat

Those tigers who got along well with the cosy earth pig have certainly learned to enjoy more and to take time for the really important things in life over the past year. From this relaxed attitude, the tiger can develop this year the confidence to be well prepared for the next stages of his personal progression.

With the help of the new year ruler, he can find more balance on the emotional and mental level and health problems too can be better managed.

The metal rat is the start of a new twelve-year cycle that offers exciting things especially for expansion-loving animal signs such as the tiger. After all, the king of the jungle usually does not shy away from exploring unknown terrain.

The more fearless the tiger faces the challenges ahead, the more impressive the result. Professional change is just as possible alongside the new regent as a change of location or a new relationship - the tiger always sets the limits himself.

Sometimes, however, the rat's advice is not always reliable. It is better to follow the own feelings. Especially in a financial regard, it is advisable to be blinded this year, but to get an expert opinion. In matters of money, the rat is not necessarily the best person for advice.

In love, however, the tiger can score even the more - especially if he truly devotes to his partner. With the new regent, any first contact may be rather superficial. But once you get to know each other, the tiger's heart opens up and a wonderful foundation can be created on which to build in the long term.

Dear owner of the tiger sign; look forward to the new challenges calmly and boldly seize the opportunities that are now arising for you.

The Tiger In General

The Tiger Short & Brief

Chinese Sign Tiger

Yang Wood

In China the Tiger is a symbol for sexual and spiritual energy. The Yang-Energy is predominant; the active male principle. Years of the Tiger bring power and progress in knowledge. The lucky number for the Tiger is 3, his colour is yellow.

Positive Traits:
brillant, contemplative, loyal, sensitive, brave, liberal, favoured by luck, active, passionate, self-confident, generous, talented, enthusiastic, fearless, protective, honourable, prepared to take risks, fascinating and well mannered

Negative Traits:
impulsive, thoughtless, obstinate, arrogant, incautious, personal, vain, quarrelsome, rebellious, detached, foolhardy, egocentric, restless, undisciplined, irascible, irresponsible, unyielding, unpredictable, pigheaded and difficult in character

People born under the sign of the Tiger are favoured by luck; even if things are not going the ways as planned. The pure joy of life of the Tiger helps him to overcome difficult years and crisis. Moreover, it is passed on to other people.

The tiger-born manages to stir the feelings of the fellow man deeply. It is easier for them most of the time to convince others and transfer their message which is crucial to them. Because tigers have many messages to pass on - let them be religious, artistic or humanistic - they want to change the world for the better. This goal often puts a mark on the entire tiger's life. And this is good because they then follow their inner being. They do not tend to be fanatics although they may be extreme in their own life.

Problems arise for the tiger if he cannot follow his destiny if he has to put energy into unimportant tasks and the materialistic. Then they become seducers and deceivers or talkative world improvers without having an actually thought through goal and live their vanity because tigers are almost always vain. Often they do know that and try to hide it. It is often that the tiger-born utters big paroles without moving anything.

The strengths of the people born in the year of the tiger are affection and finesse. Often they wish that the whole world could feel like them that all people treat each other in a peaceful and loving way. This is, of course, impossible as we know and it is not very realistic. Of course, the Tiger knows that. But his affection can make a difference even in a small circle; only the Tiger is not satisfied with that.

Sometimes the urge to live the own message and destiny and move something - even if it is little - so intense that the tiger turns away from the world. He often then goes for religion. Some holy people of Christianity and the founder of Islam were born under the sign of the Tiger and also Buddha is said to have been a tiger as well.

Whether the withdrawal from the world is right for the tiger is unknown. The wise and holy among them have indeed found their way but is this also valid for the average cat? To be born under the sign of the Tiger does not make a person holy. Sometimes tiger like the mysticism and fall for charlatans, self-called masters and deceivers (not seldom those persons are also tigers).

They should be caught by the ideas of other people but listen more to their own inner voice. They also should not follow the latter blindly but sit down and think matters over with the heart. Tigers should just accept that there are also other voices having its meanings. This is not easy for them and they have to work hard to become calm and composed.

Tigers are dynamical and powerful which helps them to make their goals a reality. The other side of this character trait is that they are restless, nervous and stressed if they enter times of a still stand. In such situations, tigers become unpredictable and their warm-hearted being is covered in restlessness and impatience. A tiger-born who is bored, whose freedom of movement is restricted develops great powers coming out in an unexpected manner.

One character trait of the tiger-born which often is shown in a positive way is his courage. If he is sure of his destiny, the tiger is not easily bound by conventions and traditions but goes his way unwavering whereas he often manages to do that in a way that others love him.

This aspect of the unconventional belongs to the tiger. If it is suppressed, the personality cannot fully unfold. On the other hand, the tiger-born has to be careful not to get into trouble by the disregard of the rules. Most of the time, he manages that with the help of his finesse when dealing with other people.

Tiger With The Element Wood

This tiger is extrovert, sociable and possesses the art to make friends to whom he is also completely loyal. Due to his natural charm and his sense of communication his company is always liked. However, his sincere character and biting humour can be to his disadvantage.

Less impulsive than his sign-comrades, he nevertheless is a blustery tiger, not always the cleverest, but undeniably favoured by luck. He leads his life with energy, undertakes thousand things at once as if he is afraid of being bored. This inclination could wear out his strengths.

Tiger With The Element Fire

This wild cat really has fire in the blood. He always runs full throttle and is of vitality, which is exhausting for other people. He is the most exuberant of the tigers. His motto is: Be the strongest and always the most successful.

With his drive, his imagination and creativity, this - sometimes exaggerated - optimist never runs out of projects. He is stirring, electrifying, mobilizing and thinks this is completely natural. Sociably in his own way he doesn't seduce but he fascinates. You can only admire him or be hostile to him and his rewarding manner is often envied.

The Tiger With The Element Earth

He is the quietest of the tigers as far as a tiger can be quiet. He is realistic and responsible. Like his sign-comrades, he also is active, but he concentrates his strengths on tangible goals. More creatively than clever he tackles problems objectively and thus increases his chance for success tenfold.

He indeed possesses the caution of a real tiger, which will, in order to pursue his game, wait near the water to which his enemy will surely come. This innate caution leads to putting comfort over an artist's life and putting stability over stress. He is faithful in heart-issues, and if he should sway, it is - according to his statement - that he was seduced.

The Tiger With The Element Metal

This tiger believes in promises and reacts to good and bad influences. It is his big problem to direct his exceptional vitality into sorted tracks. If he solved the problem, he is, as all tigers, capable, to accomplish heroic deeds. But if he is led by his inner demon, his exaggerated ambition and his impatience, he risks bad disappointments.

Since this tiger does not always feel good in his skin he sometimes is labile, emigrates or changes course. He is faithful in love as well as in friendship. This tiger seems to be full of contradictions and his biggest weakness is to always be enthused about suspicious matters.

The Tiger With The Element Water

A proficient and sensible tiger less restlessly than his sign comrades and is open towards new ideas. Although he is not into conquering the world, he is interested in the strength and the proficiency, but he knows his borders.

This tiger is made for the occupations in which one has to think first and act afterwards. His judgment rarely abandons him and he possesses an astonishing sense of Public Relations. From all tigers, he certainly is the most complete. He is lasting and faithful as well as generous and devoted in heart-issues.

Chinese Sign Tiger: Love & Emotion

It is impossible to say something definite about the tiger's love life because they sway between two extremes. First they are sensual, passionate and adventuresome. On the other hand, they want to exclude the sexual-sensual entirely from their life to devote themselves to being spiritual. This way is for the tiger, not the worst but of course it is not workable for everyone; other favourable factors need to be present.

If people born in the year of the tiger give themselves to love, they are mostly great lovers. Their sensuality and their deep feelings make them desirable for most other people. But most often they hurt others without wanting to - they even suffer themselves under that. But Tigers are extremely compulsive and seek the sensuous adventure.

To stay completely faithful is difficult for them which is for some other signs some trouble if not even a hindrance to engage in a deeper bonding. Especially Monkeys but also Rats end up in the actual emotional havoc leaving them emotionally damaged if they enter a love relationship with a tiger.

Even for the Tigers themselves their adventurousness is a problem because actually they want to get deeply involved with other people. If they can manage to transfer their spiritual tendency to the relationship level most often, it will be a very happy connection for both sides. Especially the rather superficial Horse profits from a relationship with a tiger.

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