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The Gemini Star Sign

Standstill Is A Step Backwards! - The Gemini

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Gemini
Element: Air
Motivation: Mutable
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Gold Topaz - it delivers spirited and lively energy. It dampens anger and fights against moody thoughts.

Beryl - radiates a fresh, green and encouraging energy. This gem is recommended for all Geminis that have to fight with a defeat or want to face a new, complicated task. Beryl expedites and gives new energy.


Orange, sunny yellow, touch me not green and cerulean

You find your life energy and your personal middle in the exchange of many contacts in the versatility of mental stimulation. You identify with your linguistic flexibility, your wittedness and your humour and easily dance happily through life which is most of all encounters for you.

You have a wide awake apprehension, take in all kinds of impression while passing by, and change the direction to your liking if something interesting comes into view. You cannot and do not want to stay on one thing because there are so many things to learn and your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity is insatiable.

You store immensely many details, you do not forget at all even if time passes by. At any given moment, you remember that you had seen this before, that they do this and that they are about something else.

For each topic, you have something to say, something you have read somewhere, and you remember perhaps even where. You are able to adapt quickly to new situations and deal with them creatively.

The only thing you cannot bear is being retained and imprisoned because then your liveliness dies and your vitality dries up. You are a colourful, iridescent butterfly and have to fly from flower to flower to stay vital and healthy and everybody enjoys if you have a moment for them.

Only in movement, the mental as well as the physical the typical Gemini feels well. He strives forward and knows that every routine leads to the loss of his life energy. The Gemini possesses a nervous nature, but his desire for movement protects him against the nervous breakdown if he has taken on once again too many things at once. Already when little Geminis know that they get through life better with friendliness and cheerfulness. That is not a cheap trick. Their kindness comes from the heart and part of their nature.

The Famous Gemini