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The Leo Star Sign

The Best Is Just Good Enough - The Leo

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Leo
Element: Fire
Motivation: Fixed
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Diamond - as a pendant or ring it is a conserver of luck. When feeling good it maintains this good energy.

Jasper - it gives courage and is able to unsettle unheard of powers. All kinds of Jasper have a detoxing effect, protect and ground. The Red Jasper gives power and is blood building and is highly recommended to the Leo.


Of course all kingly colours such as orange, gold, bright yellow, yellow-brown and crimson.

A Leo always knows that he is a Leo even if he does not take astrology seriously. Every Leo-born feels the energy within and identifies with it.

In whatever area of life you unfold your energy you take a central position. You lead from the centre like a king who is always surrounded by his people. The heart of your personality is your heart. Your task is to open this heart widely to let all of your warmth and generosity oozes out and affect your fellow man. You will then be like a big fire that warms and shines. Your role is to be this bright shine and to inspire your "people" to their own creativity.

If your heart is cold and tight, your leadership claim becomes an affront and your expression is filled with rigid pride. Nobody feels well most of all you. Allow yourself to look deeper into your heart and cry the hurts and your loneliness out of your system. Then you will once more find the connection to the warm stream of life.

The demands of the Leo to himself and others, to the goods they buy, the car they drive, the house in which they live are always high. Leos do not like mediocrity. They rather save money for one more year to get the designer sofa or the watch with the diamonds. Some call Leos lavish or narcissistic, perhaps even arrogant but they are born that way and they cannot do anything about it. The world needs shining lights like them.

The Famous Leo