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The Libra Star Sign

Wait And See! - The Libra

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Libra
Element: Air
Motivation: Cardinal
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Beryl - it is an accelerator and drives off lethargy as well as laziness. It does not like calmness and tranquillity. It wants that something happens that something moves. If a Beryl feels well worn by its owner it gets rainbow reflections.

Rose Quartz - is a comforter and gives new courage. As an essence a soft making bath additive.


Bright blue, smoky blue, milk coffee

You are the born diplomat and creator of balanced relationships. Your vital spirits come awake if there is something to be put into relation no matter whether people, facts or situations. You have an extraordinary sense of proportions and balance. You are not simply harmonious but have a sensitive feel for harmonious conditions and since life is movement your task is to always create new balances.

You love peaceful, beautiful and friendly situations but are not passive and expecting them to come to you on their own. To the contrary, you like to introduce these qualities yourself. You love to use your strategies, to pull the relationship strings and make a friendly result. You are fair and obligatory and have a friendly word for everyone which you spice up with a charming smile. In companionship you are a well liked guest.

This popularity can become a pitfall, however. You like so much to bask in this feeling that you sometimes do not dare to make a point and speak out for the found truths in its clearness and severity out of fear to destroy the nice harmony. Yet, at this moment it is already destroying because it is not true and is only a sham.

With such a stance you endanger your entire life's work and lose your self esteem. It would be much more worthwhile to come up with the courage for telling the truth!

Before a Libra makes the first step others already cross the goal line. However, the Libra's waiting stance is not for the worst. Just because the Libra ponders she recognises risks protecting the Libra from losses. Moreover if a Libra is strongly decided and an eye on a goal she either comes through very stubbornly or tackles the matter in a diplomatic way. The Libra gets what she wants in the end.

The Famous Libra