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The Composite Partner Horoscope

The Partner Horoscope (Composite)

While the partnership analysis (Synastry) puts the positions and aspects of the two partner's birth charts into relation to another and thus describes the interaction between the two personalities the Composite horoscope shows the quality of the relationship itself; the new unit, the third element which is formed from the dynamics of the two partner's energy patterns. The Composite horoscope shows symbollically the playground of the two personalities within a relationship and what roles they take on in being together.

Everyone has made the experience to show different behaviours and feelings in the company of different people. With some we get inspired and come out of our shells, with others we experience ourselves as shy or even inhibited. Taken alone everybody has the very own behaviour patterns.

With the Composite horoscope all kinds of relationships can be described, no matter whether it is about a friend or an enemy, professionally or privately, family or love relationship. You receive a very helpful instrument to understand the anatomy of the respective relationship, the compatibility of the two people involved.

The Composite Horoscope is a half-sum horoscope, which means that the house cusps starting from the midheaven and the planet positions of the partners are added and then divided by 2.

On the right you find the form where you can get your Composite horoscope calculated. It is a short form and contains your Composite Sun, Composite Moon, Composite Mercury and your Composite Venus sign. Additionally you get the longevity index in percent for mutual attraction, emotional compatibility and intellectual compatability. A much more distinguished version can be purchased.

The Short Composite Partner Horoscope Contains

  1. The Composite Sun
    The position of the Composite sun in the houses and in the zodiac sign gives you an image of your central concern within the relationship and how you use your creativity and will to shape your togetherness.

  2. The Composite Rising Sign
    The sign on the cusp of the first house, namely the rising sign, shows what has brought you together, what your common concerns are and how you define your couple and present it to the outside world.

  3. The Composite Moon
    The composite Moon describes the manner of your emotional expression to each other, your common needs and the area in which you seek comfort. Here the aspects play an important part because they influence your compatibility and your feelings tremendously either in a pleasant, supporting way or as a slowing limitation.

  4. The Composite Mercury
    The Mercury position in the Zodiac describes about what you communicate and in what manner you understand each other. It also shows what misunderstandings may occur.

  5. The Composite Venus
    The position of the Composite Venus shows in what your mutual attraction lies, where you seek beauty, harmony and peace, what you desire and how you shape your relationship.

  6. Longevity Index
    The longevity index is a complex calculation from both partners' sign, house and aspect positions and how they interact respectively match regarding certain life topics. One can match in some and in some one doesn't. It should give you a sense on how lasting your relationship may be. However, it cannot guarantee anything since the individual and personal factors also have an influence, which a horoscope cannot take into account!

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