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The Partner Synastry Horoscope

Partner Synastry Horoscope - Two worlds want to be united

You and your partner are a respective world for yourselves with its very own dynamics and diverse qualities, symbolically shown in your personal birth horoscopes. None of you are a unified being but have an entire arsenal of personality parts at the disposal, which are demonstrated by the planets which can absolutely contradict each other, yet still belong to you.

Partner Horoscope Factors Of Both Partners Put In Relation

When you meet in a relationship, you influence each other mutually in many ways and create a new joint world with different weighting than when you were alone. You can make each other aware of your traits which perhaps are not so clear to you. You encounter areas which could be problematic and painful but you also awaken qualities and abilities enlarging your understanding of yourself and which make your life richer.

Venus & Mars The Classic Lovers

Venus and Mars are the classic lovers. They symbolise the erotic attraction between the female and the male pole and of course also the battle of the sexes. Mars takes the initiative and puts its impulses into action. It wants to assert, overcome obstacles, fight and conquer. It attempts to experience itself as strong, potent, courageous and brave. It is the youthful hero courting its beloved one proudly and defend her against possible enemies.

The Venus is receptive to the approaches of Mars, yet she is in no way passive. She is not content with letting the tissue fall and to tempt with batting the eyes. She is an active creator of relationships. She incorporates Mars' impulses, cultivates them and gives them a form and a playground. With her sense of beauty, balance and peace and with her fairness and the willingness to compromise she balances the energies and continiously creates new levels of harmony.

Venus & Mars Are Equal

Both male and female are equal. They need each other and are in a dynamic balance to each other. Each contributes a part to a successful relationship. The attractiveness of Venus arouses the desire and the potency of Mars. And Mars' desire stimulates the attractiveness and beauty of Venus. If this process takes place simultaneously, wham, love strikes like lightning. Or it happens with a time difference. At first, one side catches fire and then the other.

Everybody possesses both sides, Venus and Mars. A woman feels like a woman if she can also express her male side. Equally, the internal female rounds a man to be a real man.

Your Brief Partner Synastry Horoscope

The short example of the partner synastry horoscope you can obtain by entering your birth datas into the form. It gives you a glimpse at the classic lovers, Venus and Mars. You get a glimpse at your couple's world of mutual attraction in form of the Mars and Venus house occupation for each of the partners.

The shown longevity chart you already know from the Partner Composite Horoscope because it is an astrological calculation originating from a synastry horoscope. I repeat it here, so you don't have to get both short versions. Enjoy reading!

The Partner Synastry Horoscope - Five Essential Aspects

The full Partner Synastry horoscope examines your relationship under five essential aspects being effective in a relationship. You can realise how and where your focus lies, what topics are of particular importance to you and what development opportunities do you strive for in a relationship.

  • The world of feelings symbolised by the moon
    to feel good, to be intimate and emotionally safe with each other as a base for the relationship.
  • The world of communication symbolised by Mercury
    to talk to each other, to express oneself, to clear up misunderstandings, to learn to understand each other.
  • The world of mutual attraction symbolised by Venus and Mars
    Love, Eroticism, fight, harmony and dispute, willingness to compromise and assertion.
  • The world of individuality and creative self-expression, symbolised by the Ascendant (Rising Sign) on one hand and the Sun on the other
    Expression and Shaping of the own personality within the relationship.
  • The world of development and the life goal, symbolised by Jupiter and Saturn and the Lunar Node and Midheaven
    how you further each other in your growth, pass obstacles, take on responsibility and recognise your life goal and put it into reality.

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