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The Pisces Star Sign

I Am In Everything, Everything Is In Me - The Pisces

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Pisces
Element: Water
Motivation: Mutable
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Sapphire - "Light of the Mind"; it spiritualizes, cleanses and heals. It has a special impact on the throat chakra and is able to loosen blockages there.

Lapis Lazuli - it brings harmony to the inside and outside world. In the psychological area it possesses a very strong healing, soothing and cathartic energy. It, too, has an impact on the throat chakra.


All delicate "watery" crayons symbolising the colours of being human are the pure good feeling colours for the Pisces.

The Pisces is a dreamer and visionary. He lives in the inner worlds lying behind the so called reality and which is rarely suspected by most of the people or which is even completely disclaimed. Therefore, the Pisces often feels alone, expelled from the rich colourful life and misjudged which hurts because his personal ego wants the same acknowledgement for its creation like anyone else. However, this feeling alone is a necessary sacrifice, the Pisces tribute to the work he wants to create.

The Pisces possesses musical and psychic talents which can only grow in silence because every true artist wrestles with his art alone; the only contact is his inspiration, his god. This is tough work because not always one is kissed by the muse. The Pisces is confronted with all of his inner states, his despair, his hopelessness and his fear of failure. Only when those are willingly suffered through the blockages dissolve and The Pisces' love and creativity once again flows.

The Pisces gift to the world is the magic of a more beautiful and better vision of life which he presents in the form of music, images, literature or movies. What the Pisces has born alone touches the souls of many. His creative contribution is the healing of souls from the feeling of being shut out and separated.

The emotional flow of the Pisces is so big, so powerful and so deep that he is often confused or even fearful. The Pisces tends to flee reality and to talk "things nice". In a Pisces great wisdom lies dormant and intuitively many of them use creative opportunities for the benefit of many. Pisces are the tender pillars of a society because they carry a part of all beings in themselves.

The Famous Pisces