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The Sagittarius Star Sign

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Life Is What You Make It - The Sagittarius

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Motivation: Mutable
Polarity: Male

Lucky Gems

Lapis Lazuli - it gives inner and outer harmony. It possesses the gift to encourage idealism. It touches the love and the beauty and is the representative of absolute light.

Sapphire - "Light of the peaceful sky". The sapphire creates cheerful optimism and is especially suited to do meditative lessons.


Crimson, violet, burgundy red, claret, sapphire blue

You find your optimal unfolding if you consider your life's way as a journey on which you uncover the secrets of life and recognise their inner lawfulness while you are on your way from stop to stop. Your fire is always enkindled with the prospect to experience new horizons, to even climb higher and gain a bigger overview about the puzzle that is called life.

Your individual self expression receives only the right proportion and meaning if you set it in relation with the cosmos. From there the wish is created to make all of your gained knowledge accessible for the fellow man. You want to share your joy and excitement of what you have learnt and most of all that it is possible to learn something and get out of the prison of ignorance.

When you see how people now and again torture themselves with their inscrutable circumstances of life you would like to storm the market place and hold a fiery preach of the possible salvation! You do not understand that someone stays in the prison on free will.

At this point you still have something to learn. According to the convictions of other people everything is ordered to the best and some people need a prison experience to wake up.

No Sagittarius trusts coincidence or the cosmos alone. He knows exactly that behind each success effort must be. Sagittariuses are very inventive in their strategies. They know about the importance of a good contact and information network. Sagittariuses are sociable and have contacts to all circles and classes.

The Famous Sagittarius