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The Scorpio Star Sign

100% Commitment, 200% Discipline - The Scorpio

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Scorpio
Element: Water
Motivation: Fixed
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Coral - offers protection against the evil look, inspires, revives and warming. Rose Corals have a direct effect on the heart by creating harmony where the conflict is.

Fire Opal - it gifts the carrier with vitality, energy, power and endurance. It should also have a pleasant effect on the digestive system.


Cinnabar red, dark red, blood red, black, white. Pastel colours are too childish for a Scorpio.

You reach the roots of your identity by climbing down to the depths of the human psyche. You look for the stone of secrets and to find it you have to make gold from lead and to get into the melting pot because the process does not work from an uninvolved distance.

You are a sincere researcher of life and have the makings to even climb down to hell because you are able to passionate love and merciless truth. If necessary, you stab in festering wounds. Your transforming healing energy consists of ripping out the evil with root and branch.

With a crime unit's feel, you get to the origin where all the threads of the hidden motivation net of the human soul have its beginnings. The most important instrument for that is love, your power and knowledge. Your own alchemical process is to melt those three powers to one unit which protects you from misuse.

For them to work you have to use your love in a wise and powerful way, your power wisely and with love and your knowledge with power and love. This is the way to transform the darkness of your soul into the light and gain a new life.

The Scorpio does not look at the watch when a task is to be fulfilled. He demands everything from himself but not to impress the boss. Once more it is the fight against oneself driving the Scorpio. If something goes wrong, the Scorpio will not rest until he has found the reasons for it and then instantly start from the beginning. Who has a Scorpio as an employee can be glad because the Scorpio often serves as an ideal for others. However, be aware the Scorpio claims the leadership within a group. It is the Scorpio's presence making him the centre of attention.

The Famous Scorpio