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The Taurus Star Sign

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Either - The Taurus

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Taurus
Element: Earth
Motivation: Fixed
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Blue Sapphire - it inspires and also clears up the mind. Sapphire is a protective gem attracting sympathetic issues and repelling unsympathetic ones. It is worn as a pendant, in a ring or on the arm.

Agate - it makes relaxed and calms down during stress. The Agate can be used as a palm fawner or be put under the pillow during the night.


Colours of nature flatter the Taurus. In order not to become too earthy the Taurus should combine it with cheerful colours such as orange or lime green to avoid monotony.

Your motto could be in calmness lies power. Your life's work consists of finding the own place on which you can settle. You strive for stability and long-term security, for a base in life from which you can work the field and have time enough to harvest.

In all calmness, you stack of your claims and pursue them patiently step by step. During the breaks, you are not rejecting a big meal and enjoy life with all of your senses. You are lazy and economical and only move if the effort is worthwhile.

If you do not want something, you only stubbornly stay where you are and do not move a bit. Every new demand is a threat to your distinct and secure system at first and you need time to assimilate everything and let it go through many stomachs.

Once you see the use and the gain for yourself you are also ready to shift the tracks. Through your peacefulness and stability, you are for others a soothing, calming pool full of reliability in the sometimes turbulent storms of life.

The Famous Taurus