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The Virgo Star Sign

Any Waste Is A Sin - The Virgo

Zodiak Characteristics

Astrology The Virgo
Element: Earth
Motivation: Mutable
Polarity: Female

Lucky Gems

Smaragd - It cleans, makes younger and detoxes the liver but also the bowels and skin. A clear Smaragd makes forgiving and nourishes the heart chakra. It fights sleeplessness if the essence is drunk from it or put under the pillow.

Yellow Jasper - has a detoxing effect on the liver, biliary, kidneys and bladder; especially useful in combination with Jade.


Light brown, sand, beige, Mocca, any mixture of earth and light.

You find the most satisfaction in your life if you bring everything that surrounds you in a reasonable order. It does not matter whether those are things that need to be done or thoughts or conclusions that are to be made or feelings that need to be evaluated. It is a need for you to do everything well and in detail. You have high-quality demands even to yourself. Before you let something pass as finished you rather question it three times than to live with the insecurity to perhaps have made a mistake.

If you stand in for your clear distinctive mind, you are pure. You never adapt to an untruth out of reasoning. You clean your life's texture and consider the single filament so long with the magnifying glass and sort out the unfitting until everything is free from dirt.

Your sense of life is improved if you can make yourself useful in an intelligent way. Admittedly you are not too good to clean the floor for someone and to do the dishes but you do not serve in a subordinate way. You absolutely know about your qualities and your dignity even if you do subordinate tasks. You know that no other in the zodiac does work as well as you.

Any waste is a sin. This does not only mean the waste of money. Any kind of "too much" is disliked by the Virgo. The only exception is an effort. The Virgo distastes any kind of dependency, in all areas of life. He is able to fight nicotine or alcohol, but also to save up much money so her retirement is secured and she has not to ask for help. This does not mean that she rejects people seeking help. To the contrary, the Virgo is a willing helper if a friend, neighbour or colleague is in trouble. The real problem, of course, figments or extravagance would never be supported by a Virgo.

The Famous Virgo