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Airial Photographs

Being brave

There are 24 photographs I took while travelling Airial. Clicking on any of the below thumbs gets you to the respective gallery.

Greenland gallery
Ireland gallery
The Netherlands gallery
The Netherlands

What do you do, if you love travel but hate flight? You get brave. Start and landing is the worst. Funnily enough I trust the technology but I don't believe in people's ability to be failure-less. So first thing I do I chat to anyone and everyone that happen to be in my closer surroundings. Poor lads and lasses. I can talk a mile a minute when scared. A huge life-saver when it comes to keep my sanity is my camera. You have no idea how many wing-shots of Boing's I have - the count goes into the hundreds. It keeps me busy and keeps my thoughts off of possible catastrophes.

Usually after an hour into the flight I get more relaxed, walk to the emergency exits that are free of seats and spend hours to spot worth-while objects to take pictures off. Since I fly often over the big pond Greenland is always a nice occasion to take pictures of. It's quite spectacular with the icebergs and mountains and if you are lucky the sun let's the ice shine in pure silver (yeah I know a common liking that is like a red path through my water shots no matter where I am. I love silver). Note to self - Must go there one day -.

The above pictures are a few of those I took from Greenland and remember you are in a plane, which makes it sometimes tricky to get clear shots. Too bad you can't open the windows.



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