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France Photographs

Avez-vous des cigarettes?

There are 21 photographs I took while travelling France. Clicking on any of the below thumbs gets you to the respective gallery.

Calais gallery
Paris gallery

is a common thing I asked at stores and promptly the person I spoke to had offered me one of his own. "Non, non (I start to laugh), pour achter (to buy)." Then it was the French's turn to laugh out loud. There is miscommunication in the easiest things.

See, my French is not in fluently spoken sentences, although the amount of vocabulary I have access to in my brain is not bad. Nope, it's the grammar and thus I communicate by throwing out nouns and verbs and gesticulate wildly with hands and feet. Some may say, oh, how embarassing, the French seem to love it and I have always received what I had wanted. Thus I can confirm - it is working!

My history of travelling to France dates way back to my childhood and Highschool years. The city I live in partnered up with Nyons, a city lying in the Provence. And my class was the first who did the summer holiday student exchange way back in the 80ies; not to mention that my parents loved to travel by car (the first was an R4 Renault packed with parents, daughter and family dachshound) all to southern Europe and when trying to get to Mallorca or Northern Spain you simply have to go through France.

Later at college, once again, my senior class did a trip to Paris where we actually annoyed a British couple while being, uhmmmm typically young and loud and making night to day. But we made up for it by buying them good wine and cheese after we had learnt they were on their honeymoon, which they partly had to spent with us at the same hotel.

The selection of the photos on this page is poor since I do have a ton more. So please be patient and give me some time (okay loads and loads of time) to upload them and write the respective stories. Because there are so many funny stories that happened to me ranging from falling in love at the Il de Ré at a horse stable, trying to get rid of a gypsy fortune teller at Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to trying to buy headache pills at a pharmacy in Paris.



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